Giving thanks to a great teacher, Emilie Conrad

I am saddened to say goodbye to Emilie Conrad, The Force behind Continuum. I do mean this in a Star Wars-sense, the Force, that which binds us and our universe together. Learning from Emilie meant engaging your brain, heart, limbs, blood, soul, and every thought you ever had. 

Emilie Conrad June 14, 1934 - April 14, 2014

Emilie Conrad June 14, 1934 - April 14, 2014

She taught, inspired, and questioned our relationship to and in our bodies. Her inquiry was both micro and macroscopic, and often accompanied by the emotion, desire. She made this desire, and many, many more, seem not only possible, but essential. 

You see, every class is an exploration, more akin to a religious or drug induced state of being, than an abs and thigh-busting class. Waiting for it to happen to you, is not necessary. You, and whomever you want to be that day,  induce it all by yourself, the movement, the breath, the choice to stop for a really long time.  What ends up happening is definitely not about being pretty, cool, or remotely moving how you think you should move. This was and will continue to be her contribution. Emilie gave everyone permission to be weird. Let's face it; the new can be awkward!

Thank you Emilie for giving so much passionate value to the inter-related web of the body, soul, and universe. You will be missed.